I'll see her later.

We don't have any more money.

Read carefully the materials.

"Aix-la-Chapelle" is Aachen in German.

Hui is playing tennis now.

I didn't get an email from Margaret today.

The United States spends more on the military than all other countries combined!

I don't think he has any friends.

He lives in a suburb of London.

Why didn't you write your phone number?

The traffic accident took place on the main highway.

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Lynne always seems so friendly.

He is your brother, they say; which interpreted, means that he was manufactured in the same mould, and for that reason he must be sacred in your eyes!

It fits perfectly.

"She's a unique person." - "Every person is unique."

We've got what we need here.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I asked him about the accident.

Her favourite band is Warpaint.

A ship is moored at the pier.

The mistletoe is still hung up in farm-houses and kitchens at Christmas, and the young men have the privilege of kissing the girls under it, plucking each time a berry from the bush. When the berries are all plucked the privilege ceases.

I don't have a phone book.


He speaks English as well as though he were an Englishman.

A lot of people attended Henry's funeral.

Enter the room.

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Please make three copies of each page.

The crowd went silent.

I suggested that the meeting be put off.

It was noticed after more than a month that that promise had not been carried out.

Betty asked me to protect Anne.

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He walks to school.


Liaison occurs in spoken French when a word which ends with a consonant that is normally not pronounced is followed by a word which begins with a vowel. In these cases, the consonant is sometimes pronounced as if it were at the beginning of the following word.


I would like to live in Brazil.


I'm all by myself.

Doug is used to this kind of situation.

Izumi doesn't do it.

Ask her if she'll sew up the hole in your jeans.

"Well, it's hot again today, isn't it?" "That's one more time you've started with a bland topic."


The child is already baptized.

For the love of God, what happened?!

Everyone wants to know you; you're famous.


This game is great!

I was in the bath, with the result that I didn't hear the telephone.

There is no smoking in this building.

I was 13 in 2003.

Give me a reading on that meter near the boiler.

Who wrote that letter?

I got it off my chest.

I'm not saying anything else.

Above all, logic requires precise definitions.

I work for a bank.

Hurry up and finish eating.

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They have a round table in the living room.

I'm glad to hear that you're getting better.

I pray that God will forgive me.


Judy laughed at me.

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Ravi has three sons.

What do you think is going to happen here?

Ernie submitted a list of topics for possible inclusion on the agenda for the annual general meeting.

This plan is currently under consideration.

Can you please be quiet?

His new book added to his reputation.

I used to drink beer, but I don't anymore.

Ron loves his daughter's face.

I want him to do it alone.

I want to be here with you.

Don't tell a soul.

A neutral country is a country that doesn't sell weapons to a warring country, unless you pay cash.

Pilot never eats spinach.


William hesitated.

If it were to rain tomorrow, the match would be postponed.

I found out that Randall had lied.

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Wow! What a big box!

What's wrong with wearing pink?

We love our parks.

I think of him as one of my good friends.

Even a cat may look at a king.

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It is often difficult to see if a ball is in or out.

Just observe your cat and you will get to know him.

Have you ever seen a bear in this area?

Happiness and peace be granted to Germany, our fatherland. All the world longs for peace, reach your hand out to the peoples.

I think you're going to like it.

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I'm not interested in this.


I liked you.

I wish I could be as happy as you.

Walter isn't planning to stay.

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I can go a couple of days without eating if I have to.


I'll fire Vance if I have to.

Uniform number No. 7 is his younger brother.

What did you say that for?

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It is the painting he painted.

As Yolanda entered the conference dressed as a clown, everyone fixed their gaze on her.

President Jackson left a few minutes later.

He walked out the door and never came back.

He seems to be a kind person.


At this third lie, his nose became longer than ever, so long that he could not even turn around.

Ask Anne if he enjoyed it.

Electronics provides a multi-stage and simple adjustment of the air flow.

An eyelid opens wide.

The value of the dollar has fallen recently.

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The future of humanity lies in our hands.

Please help yourself to the fruit.

I already told you everything I know.

I didn't request you to do that.

He called me fat.

We were deeply moved by her story.

The enemy launched an attack on us.

The sudden noise scattered the birds.

She admitted that she knew the secret.

We teach each other lots of things.

You want to go?

She politely corrected me.

I can't believe they were talking about me!

His face is known to many people.

Don't call 911! You have to call 112.

I heard from someone that she got married.

You seem to ask Pieter a lot of questions.

Portuguese descends from Latin.

Her absence went unnoticed until the end of the meeting.

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A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks, "Why such a long face?"

My favorite bar is located below the railway, so I always hear the clanging noise of the trains passing by when I'm drinking.

He asked me if I like maths.

He did not finish the marathon.

Tell him the truth.

Should I try to talk to him?

How will you travel to Osaka?

Vick made money hand over fist.

You'll love this.

Your composition is not altogether bad.

I am always leaving my umbrella on the train.


All the sails were taken down.

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The people expected a victory speech.

Nikolai certainly thinks he's clever.

At first each man had paid $10.

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Clyde has always been a very cheerful person.


Jeffery likes to win.

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The birds flew away in alarm when they saw the cat.

They left the town an hour ago.

Let's not talk about money, okay?


Jos is very ill and I'm afraid she is dying.


You can never know what will happen.

I have something to give you.

Let's look at the path that you've walked so far.


I don't know how to help them.

I have lived here for three hundred years, and all that time I have not seen a single human being but yourself.

Geoff wants a computer small enough to easily carry.

Age before beauty!

I swung my leg over the fence.

A would-be thief got a big surprise when a group of women chanting "Jesus" scared the intruder away from their commune.

Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

Brian is going to Boston the day after tomorrow.

Her parents were devastated.

I sent it. Pray for me.

The room wasn't cleaned by Kate.

I might be able to arrange that.

Can't you see a stapler somewhere around there?

You've got the wrong code.

Ladies first!


If it were not for your help, I might have failed.

We captured them.

I'm fine, thanks.


You owe me a lot.

Ji has already fallen asleep.

Roxana did it anyway.


Don't interfere in my affairs.