I've been watching you since you arrived.

I'd like to report a felony in progress.


Do you remember the first time we went to Boston together?

One of them spoke to me.

Lorien is an old friend of mine.

I was perfectly happy being all alone.

Nobody understood why the elephant suddenly turned on its owner.


Molly isn't much of a singer.


Describe Vilhelm.


Peer helpers made the teacher's job a lot easier, but established a cruel hierarchy among the students.

And the truth is elusive because it knows where to hide.

After an hour of waiting, the launch of the rocket was cancelled.

I think you guys would be very happy here.

Dan judged the plan impossible.

I absented myself from school yesterday.

There is a shop in front of my house.

We'd like to talk to him.

The balloons are bright.

Valeria is cute, isn't she?

Well, I just remembered.

I had to study French in high school.

John's mother looks very young, so she is often mistaken for his older sister.

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He wished himself dead.

If you'd been helpful, I would have been grateful.

Bruno has changed jobs.

Helen is seventeen years old.

How often does it rain here?


Don't press it.

Her mother is writing a letter.

Werner is getting a glass of water for me.

I live in a rooming house.

It'll be difficult to glue the two pieces together.

I think we should get out of here.

A Mr Sakaki has come to see you.

The police detective didn't believe Darci's story.

I tried to get Jennie to help me, but he wouldn't.

Dustin has been close.

She doesn't care for sushi.


Shyam cried all night.

Several children were huddled around the fire.

Oh, also I took the calendar!

We'll learn the alphabet in this lesson.

I'm sorry I was so hard on you before.

Dominic was trapped.

What language do you usually speak?

Andreas hasn't seen Kemal since 2013.

Experts say only about 15 percent of happiness comes from income, assets and other financial factors.

You're white as a ghost. Are you sick?

The castle has been restored and is open to the public.

She turned off the lights so she could enjoy the moonlight.

I am so old, I could almost be your mother!


Is that as heavy as it looks?

Did Kriton find them?

Did you really think I never would have found out about it?

He got out his guitar after dinner and played some beautiful Spanish ballads for us.

My right hand is Uighur, and my left is Han.

We have had much rain this summer.

He stopped short.


Ted is falling asleep.

I know you're guilty.

Yvonne works in a fast food joint.

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Skeeter began to get downhearted.

I won't close the door.

My wife goes to the village market to buy foods every day.

Let's go take a look.

When did Susana get back?

You don't want to go in there, Tony.

We have to do this together.

If he asks, I will give it; if not, not.

The road was gray with dust.

I have to get my windshield wipers replaced.

The rapid rotation of Uranus causes winds up to 600 kilometers per hour to blow in its atmosphere.

She is much cleverer than she looks.

I'm pretty sure that Wendell likes Jeany.

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I tried to break down the door, but I found out that it is impossible.


I don't think that this shirt suits a red tie.

You owe us an apology.

It's an indulgence.

Working shifts can be extremely disruptive to family life.

I would be most obliged if you would shut up!

I'm not used to having people question my judgment.

I don't have anybody else to turn to.

I think computer viruses should count as life.

The store where Sangho used to work closed in 2013.

I read the paper while eating.

The pain went away because I took the pills.

I think it is needless to talk about it.

Hey, it's good to see you.


It looked like they wanted to kill you.

I need your help.

The fat girl is eating too much sweets with lots of sugar.

I want to buy that.

Hume didn't leave Bonnie.


Marguerite's face turned red with anger.


He gave each of them a pencil.

Daren is drinking tea.

What's in your mind?

You can't be too careful when driving a car.

There is a river beside the house.

I never spend a day without thinking of you.

She and her twin sister were born just five minutes apart.

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Does she want to go away?

I think I broke his heart.

I agree with everyone else.

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When will you ever learn?


Jennie has fallen behind in his work.


Kazuko broke her promises.


I only need one hundred dollars.

Jagath's family lives in Boston.

How much should I allow for travel expenses?

Try not to be so tense.

People obviously like it.

Lar told me the same thing.

I spent more than three-quarters of my summer vacations traveling.

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She probably can get along well with her mother-in-law.

Lum bought a bar of chocolate.

There were fewer people at the rally than organisers had hoped for.

We have to know right away.

Now this is more like it.

"Forever and always?" asked the little black rabbit.

Politicians often skirt around the truth and don't give direct answers to questions.

He doesn't even listen to me.

He was strong, with broad shoulders and dark eyes.


Truth or lie? It depends on the advertising.

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I lost a ten-dollar note.

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My brother married his friend's sister last year.

She's not old enough to have a driver's license.

I think there's hope for you yet.

Svante is a writer.

The dying man made an effort to say something, but could not.

Arabs persecute me.

Thus fought the Okinawan people.

Pete certainly didn't expect to win.

The fish caught in this river are all nice.

I thought that he was a doctor.

Pantelis showed all her friends her engagement ring.


Ernie is a great guy.

Do you know where Clare was hiding?

Her health has been declining these past few months.

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Did we order in advance?


He suggested that we should put off our departure.


Nigel has a British accent.

I asked Leads to wait a moment.

I bought this medicine for my father.

When will I stop being a burden?

He is famous as a pianist.


Kitty wants to do something.


He is very knowledgeable about French literature.

It'll get warm soon.

A revolution broke out in that country.

I really believe it.

I don't mean to be antisocial, but I'm tired.

Is it really my fault?

Please write down what I'm about to say.


She was dressed all in white for the wedding.

The total comes to 3,000 yen.

When will we get to Boston?

Mayuko called me back.

The doctor pronounced him dead.


It's only a 5 minute walk from the train station.

Are you conservative?

Love, I find is like singing. Everybody can do enough to satisfy themselves, though it may not impress the neighbors very much.

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I want to find out what it really is.

You think you are dying for your country; you die for the industrialists.

She's feeling much better thanks to that medical treatment.


I played with my brother.