You seem to have a really good grasp on this.

Our class has just finished.


Helge is adorable.

It snowed.

I don't know exactly where Charlie went.

Straka really likes baseball.

Alison must've reported what happened.

If I visit Nara again, I will have visited it four times.

Young as he is, he has much experience.

I thought you were a scientist.

You need not worry about her.


This is never going to happen.

The doctor advised me to take up some sport to stay in shape.

To show direction, the words take the accusative ending.


I translate what I want!

A little work won't kill you.

Luke should be home by now, but he's still at his office.

Would you really want to do that?

Do you need a ride home?

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How does one achieve success?

He came into the room.

Love is stronger than hatred.

Instead, they live alone as long as they are able to take care of themselves.

He doesn't get along with anybody in the office.

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That has nothing to do with this.

Skyscrapers are beautiful structures.

Ellen and Howard both look worried and exhausted.


I want a piece of chocolate cake.

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Connie and Jacobson had lunch at the Ikea restaurant.

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They're dangerous.

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Who brought lunch today?


His humor is very dry.

We hurried down the stairs.

I just thought of something really interesting.

She sowed vegetables in her garden.

There is no doubt that people prefer peace to war.

Do you think you're good-looking?

There's no food left.

Everything pointed to this answer.

She speaks Japanese well.

She was so dazzled that she did not recognize the Princess in her glittering garments.

I guess I haven't made myself clear.

We have to learn the right things.

Show me the way to the school.

I took that picture a week ago.

That will run.


My son went to London, where I was born.

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It made her happy.


Chemical symbols are used to identify chemical elements.

Today I have finally mustered the courage to tell you I love you.

You never say that you love me.


The desire to survive and the fear of death are artistic sentiments.

Sorry, I didn't see you standing there.

It is strange that he should have lost his way.

Terry and Hank stood under the streetlight, waiting for John.

The countries terminated friendly relations.

By the way, have you done your homework?

I once managed to fit seven people in my car.

Tell them that they're wrong.

There are a lot of vitamins in oranges.

Which street did you take?

Could I have a second with him?

I dreamed I was water skiing.

Give my regards to your aunt and uncle.

I'm not dying.

You worry about everything.


Nhan thought that Mats looked very tired.

They just taught me to swear.

Bobbie knew all about it.


If you don't take a vacation, you'll collapse.


You never do anything wrong, do you?

Thanks, I hear you've been taking care of my little brat of a brother.

I only need two of these.

Each of us is like the moon: there is a dark side of us that we do not let others see.

I'll never let Van do that again.


I can carry you in my arms.

I'm in a singing group.

He flatly refused her requests for help.

I don't feel the same way.

I saw Patty yesterday and he looked sad.


My acquaintance with Esperanto enabled me to look deeper into the make-up and function of language.

There's something you should know.

Cellphones do not work in the air-raid shelter.

We're going to another party after this one.

Do you really want to know if Marilyn likes you?

Don't leave your suitcase there.

Is it OK if I sit here?

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I am sure that she will become a great singer.

Your prediction finally came true.

Open your book on page nine.


Are you feeling better now?


Dan told me the biggest lie I've ever heard.

How did you like the party?

An ostrich can't fly.

Never be defeated by the malice of people, by their agression and their hate, no matter how intense.

I had hardly any money at that time.

Whereabouts did you say this happened?

Po is a rebellious girl.

This book is black.

Schools must pay more attention to language learning and to literature.


Gil helped Emily buy everything she needed.

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Who ever can it be?

I don't know if this is such a good idea.

Pierette was sad and lonely.

Pilar is really awfully nice.

A lot of wild animals died for lack of food.

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Stacy is a member of the neighbourhood watch.

I'll lend you my book.

We are all one on that point.

There are three tables in the storeroom.

I heard William walking up the steps.

We won't need it.

As he's just up on his high horse again.

Young people must not study.

Edison invented the light bulb.

I'll try to explain it to you to the best of my ability.

It's a Labrador retriever.


We ate surf and turf.

Why are you stopping?

You will have heard the news.

Never forget who you are!

I wish you every success.


Then, this child of fourteen years learned, as in a homework, that which we hide to maidens until their wedding night. She flipped through the drawings of the anatomy book, those superb drawings of a bloody reality. She paused upon each organ, understanding the most secret of them, those upon which is built the shame of men and women.

Dewey feels homesick.

Del reminds me of myself at that age.

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You say that you're afraid of being disliked by other people, but you have some people that you dislike yourself, don't you? Arithmetically speaking, there are an equal number of people who you don't like that don't like you back. I'm not saying that if you end your dislike of someone, someone else will stop disliking you as well; it's just that you can't change the fact that if you dislike someone, then someone else dislikes you as well. Your life will go much smoother if you just give up and accept that truth.

He has not spoken for an hour.

He is addressed as "Doctor" in his laboratory.

I can't tell you why Vadim is late.

The Japanese word "tatoeba" means "for example."

At first, I thought he was a teacher, but he wasn't.

Where is your brother?


I can't guess the reason for his conduct.

Every day at school I eat with my friends.

Englishmen are the heirs of liberty.

I am not sure if I can do that but I will at least try.

The bandits put a gag in his mouth.

Some young people today are none the wiser for their university education.

You should be back by 9 o'clock.

I told Hal that getting a tattoo would be a stupid thing to do.

You had better supplement your diet with vitamins.

Not only did they ignore the protest, they also lied to the press.

I'll meet you there as soon as possible.

They are content with things as they are.

I think Erwin is an idiot.

The travel agent will advise you where to stay.

How many times a month do you go to the movies?

My knowledge of Japanese is rather poor.

Maybe you've forgotten why I'm still mad at Dimitry.

He hurried on to make up for lost time.

I didn't recognize you from last night.

The plane began its descent.

That would've hurt.

I could use a little help in here.

We are leaving Japan next month.


Julie doesn't know what this is.

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I'm going to shave.

You can't just work all day every day. You need to take a vacation once in a while.

Kamel would do the same thing.

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Betsy put everything back where it belonged.


What language is it written in?

I saw a bird fly across the sky.

I would like to repay your kindness in the near future.

When I say hello to him, he never replies; he only inclines his head.

I have some things to deal with.

This is not a sentence.

Their teacher is making them study hard.