MTP for Mac

Connect Android phone to Mac, and it will be mounted like a normal USB drive.




MTP for Mac

Access fast and easy your photos, videos and music from your phone or tablet on Mac.




MTP for Mac

Copy any files from your mobile device or use them in place.


MTP for Mac

 MTP for Mac

MTP for Mac is a kernel driver which let you access Android gadget’s filesystems. It give you native access* to your Android™ (or any other MTP compatible devices**) on macOS (Mac OS X). Just connect your Android phone or tablet via USB cable and you will get access to your photos, mp3 or any other types of files on it's internal file systems. You will get them the same way as you would insert flash or any other external drive.

That means that you can access any files on your mobile device from Finder or any other software on your Mac. And it’s already unnecessary to copy these files with Android File Transfer to your local disk in advance to use them.

* - current version is read only, work in progress on write capabilities.

** - some devices may have own subset of standard and not work with MTP for Mac. If you faced with such device, please let us know, and we will think how can we solve it!


Access your files from Android on macOS



Watch photos


Play mp3


Play videos


PDF, documents or any other files


What is MTP and why I unable to use my Android device with my Mac!?


MTP or Media Transfer Protocol originally was invented by Microsoft, based on PTP(Picture Transfer Protocol) which works on Universal Serial Bus (USB). Its aim was to extend abilities of original protocol to transfer not only pictures but other types of files too. Later MTP was chosen by Google for their Android platform as a main mechanism of file transfer with desktop systems. It gave an ability to function all applications normally and have access to files from desktop in parallel. Before MTP, Android connected by USB cable to desktop, had to unmount SD-card and let desktop to work with SD-card exclusively. And here was a big problem, cause application which works with this device should be closed. And there was no way to work with primary storage on same reason.







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